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These instruments have been selected as being representative of the instruments that I build. Choose an instrument to open up a picture gallery.

Academy Guitar

This model has my own spin on the OM body shape. There are a couple of examples in the gallery - one with European Spruce top and one with Sitka Spruce top, both Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Parlour Guitar

European Spruce Top, Sapele back and sides. You little beauty (try saying it with an Aussie accent).

Archtop Guitar

Handcarved Spruce top, hand carved Flame Maple back / sides. 3 piece laminated maple neck with contrast striping. Floating humbucker pickup. Mmm, nice.

Octave Mandolin

European Spruce top, Sapele back and sides. l love the symmetry of this model.

OM Guitar

Aged Sitka Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood back and sides. This model has a very traditional OM style body shape.

Lesser Spotted Electric Guitar

Once upon a time I also made electric guitars, but not any more. But here's one anyway, for completeness - Pear body and Spalted Maple top.

Academy OM Guitar with Cutaway

European Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Auditorium Guitar with Cutaway

This has a larger body size compared to my OM guitars. Is it a small jumbo ? Or is it a dreadnought that isn't ugly ? No, I call it my Auditorium Guitar. Why ? Who knows ...

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