Most of my work is commission based so anything goes, but generally the instruments I build fall into three broad categories -


Steel String Guitars

Most commonly the guitars I build are OM sized, with some body shape options according to the player's preference and two different bracing patterns that I use according to the use of the guitar.



Archtop Guitars

My archtop guitars are designed and built as acoustic instruments but they can have a floating humbucker pickup included as an option.



Mandolins, citterns, bouzouki's,  Big, small, hand carved - endless possibilities exist in the mandolin family. So I restrict myself to the larger instruments - octave mandolin, cittern, and bouzouki with a common body size and variations in string courses and scale length. Although I'll do an F style instrument if you ask me nicely. (If you've ever tried t buy a case for a mandolin, you'll know why I stick to a common body size)



Here are some photo galleries of a few recent instruments - Galleries

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