*** April 2022 - please note that I won't be taking on any new commissions or repair work for a period of time ***

Hand Made Guitars in the Scottish Borders

In my workshop in the Scottish Borders countryside, I build only a small number of instruments each year - principally steel string acoustic guitars and archtop guitars, but also larger bodied mandolins / citterns / bouzoukis on occasion.
Instruments are built to commission and optimised for each individual player - their style of music and their style of playing. The method of construction, the body size and shape, the scale length, neck profile and string spacing are designed in conjunction with the player to produce a uniquely built instrument. Every set of tonewood used in the construction of an instrument is different in its characteristics, and each instrument is crafted to provide the best tone and response from the woods used in its construction.
Commissions generally take place over a period of about 4 months - I subscribe to the concept of Eigenzeit, that there is a time integral to any process. Or, if something is worth doing, it takes as long as it takes.


Visitors to the workshop are welcome, and having said that I build to commission, I generally try to have a couple of guitars to hand for playing and these may be available for purchase at a discounted price - please check if you think you may be interested.


I'm not a big user of social media, but I try to keep the Facebook page updated with developments (to be honest, I don't really try very hard).


You can find the workshop at -

Souden View, Chesters Brae, Chesters, TD9 8TQ

Open 24 hours (not in a row)

Directions to the workshop
Adobe Acrobat document [262.2 KB]

Phone or text or WhatsApp on 07802 373 696

Email - luthier@borderguitars.co.uk


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