Whether or not I undertake repair work depends on other guitar making committments - repair work can be very time consuming and distracting. However, here is a price guide for some common repairs - the final price may vary according to the condition of the instrument, and very few repairs are standard. Please contact me to discuss an initial inspection of the instrument and a price quotation - emailing some photos is a good starting point. A full description will be provided of the work to be carried out and a price agreed before any repair work commences.

Major restorations of instruments can also be undertaken, although obviously the instrument needs to be examined first of all, and this service depends on the volume of other work in the workshop at any time.


Please note that there will be periods of time where I do not undertake any repair or restoration work.

Also, please note that I don't offer a re-finishing service. Never.

Set-up £60 Action adjustment at nut and saddle where possible, neck relief assessment and truss rod adjustment, frets dressed and polished, fingerboard cleaned and oiled, new strings. Additionally for an electric guitar the intonation is set. Note that for complete optimisation of string action, a new nut and / saddle may be required at additional cost.
New nut £60 Bone or Tusq. Add £20 for mandolin and 12 string guitar.
New saddle £60 Bone or Tusq. There may be an additional charge for mandolins depending on the type of saddle.
Refret, including setup £175 Add £25 for a bound fingerboard. Add £50 for a maple fingerboard that requires to be re-finished with lacquer. Sometimes a partial refret is possible at a lower cost. This is assessed after inspection.
Level and dress frets £75 If there is only a small amount of wear on the frets, this repair option may postpone the need for a full refret.
Fit pickup  

Pickup dependent, for example

- soundhole pickup £25 + pickup

- undersaddle pickup £75 + pickup

If a control panel needs to be fitted into the side of the guitar, there is an additional cost of £75.

Broken headstock £200 upwards Instrument needs to be inspected first.
Neck reset, including setup £100 upwards

Instrument needs to be inspected first, and the cost depends on the style of neck. For example

- electric guitar bolt on neck such as Stratocaster £100 upwards

- acoustic guitar bolt on / bolt off neck £150 upwards, bolt on neck with glued fingerboard extension £200 upwrds

- acoustic guitar glued in neck £400 upwards

Crack repair £50 per crack upwards Instrument needs to be assessed first. There may be some underlying fault that has caused the crack.
Bridge repair £100 upwards This is the cost to re-attach a bridge that is coming unstuck, or that has become detached. If there are other faults that have caused this to occur, or if a new bridge is required, there will be an additional cost that will be assessed when the instrument is inspected.
Electric guitar repairs  

These are typical prices, the price will certainly vary according to individual instruments.

- pickup replacement £50 + pickup

- output jack replacement £35 + jack

- pot replacement £35 + pot

- selector switch replacement £50 + switch

- complete rewiring £200 upwards + component cost (additional ground shielding can be fitted where possible to improve performance, at an additional cost)

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